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Going GGreen

Why do we have to use green products?

The answer to this question is very clear in everybody’s mind. Climate change, acid rain, air and water pollution started this effort to reverse these conditions that is man made. The power to overturn the condition lies with us and we can do it if we want. A lot of business enterprises nowadays have created green products like renewable fuel, organic food, cleaning methods etc. all of these are designed in such a way that the consumers can afford them easily. Going green does not necessarily mean that you spend extra, this will only save money for your future.

If you take a look at your cleaning solution you will note a warning “Harmful if swallowed”. Around 80% of the home poisoning is straight linked with the toxic chemicals.

These are also harmful for environment. If sprayed in the house it also contaminates and pollutes the air in the house. These toxic chemicals and soaps kill the bacteria

and they also get in the soil and later in our atmosphere, and pollute all of it. Therefore, you should buy cleaning agents that are non toxic and chemical free.

Incandescent light bulbs are inexpensive but the CFL will save the same amount of money and a lot more afterwards. The CFL can be a little expensive but has a 5 times greater life than the normal bulbs and consumes less power.

Swap your old shower heads with new high pressure and low volume sprays. They are inexpensive, easy to fit and save around 15 gallons of water for a 10 min shower! While brushing teeth shut the water tap. You can also start a compost heap if you have space and save landfill.

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