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" I walked into the house today after our first cleaning and was blown away at how wonderful the house looks! Every inch of the house was cleaned and it smells great. It's very reassuring to know that all the chemicals used are non-toxic. I will highly recommend Maria's Green Cleaning to all my friends and family."

Erin L-Billerica

"Maria's Green Cleaning is the greatest I have used Maria's Green cleaning service for over six years. She is reliable, efficient and pleasant to know. Her cleaning is superb. I recommend her whole heartedly."

Carole Burns -Arlington

''We give this service an excellent mark. The result of their work was more similar to a home makeover challenge than regular cleaning service. One thing that makes them stand out from the other cleaning services is their flexibility to adjust their services to your needs rather than providing some standard cleaning. We invited them over for an estimate not long after moving into a new house. With two babies and busy schedules, the house was a mess in more ways than you can imagine. Upon inspecting the house they realized that what we needed more than just cleaning was to thoroughly organize and arrange the house. It was very forthright of them to aim for the deeper problem, rather than just cleaning the surfaces of a disorganized house. They are resourceful: we had bought a shelving system to organize toys but were planning to return it because some screws were missing. They took the initiative to locate some spare screws and put together the unit anyway, saving us the return trip and organizing the toys at the same time. They showed creativity by spontaneously putting together a music area in the living room, artistically combining different curtains we had to replace the horrible 1980’s curtains that came with the house, and by coming up with an arrangement for the bedroom closet that made everything accessible. In 10 years of using cleaning services, I must say that this is vastly superior to any ordinary cleaning services."

Araceli Orozco- Winchester

"Rod, Maria and their team deliver the highest level of execution. From the moment I met with Rod and Maria to tour my home and discuss their services, I knew that it would be a perfect match. Rod outlined every attention to detail as well as the bio-friendly products they use to get the job done. From door frames to walls, these gusy do it all. Not only did Rod give a good sales pitch, but he and the team delivered on every single promise from day one. Rod and the team have gone above and beyond my expectations. Just last week for examples, I was delighted to arrive home and notice that our porch had been cleaned from top to bottom. Though we had discussed from the beginning that this would not be expected, Rod, Maria and team took the initiative to clean it anyway. I give my highest recommendation to Maria's Green Cleaning, and if anyone has inquiries regarding their services, would happily discuss my experiences with them this past year!!!"

James Shay- Melrose

"I have been using Maria's Green Cleaning Services for longer than I can remember. I have happily referred them to many neighbors and friends. I am 100% satisfied with every aspect of their service. Professional and efficient, Rod and Maria are the best! "

Martha Price- Stoneham

"Maria's is the best around. They are professional and go above and beyond to make sure the house is spotless. You are company ready when they are done. "

Carolyn - Wakefield

"Maria 's Green Cleaning is absolutely amazing. We needed cleaning done in an apartment our son and his wife were moving in to. The previous tenants ha 2 cats. You can imagine the cleaning that needed to be done to get rid of cat hair, dander and cat smells. First of all they made a special effort to do it the next day. What they accomplished was a miracle. This apartment is spotless. It was not an easy job, but I am very grateful for them. This is an extreme case. I will recommend them to anyone Sincerely,

Bob and Madelyn Davis- Lynn

Professional. Pleasant. Thorough. Always providing a little bit extra. Rod and Maria have been tremendous. Their crew is professional and respectful. I am paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Rod would always do the little things that made my life easy. From taking away my Christmas tree, to replacing light bulbs, to changing bed linens, anything that was difficult or challenging for me to do, they gladly took care of it with a smile on their face. Reasonable prices, quality service, Maria's is a bargain at any price. I only hope that I can find a company half as good when I move to New Hampshire this summer!!

Sean - Woburn

"I am so happy with Maria's Green Cleaning: My friends referred me, and I recommend them highly. Not only is the cleaning itself top-notch, but Maria, Rod, and co. are cheerful, professional, expedient, and they use green products. Great for our family!"

Lorell- Concord

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